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Permanent earnings with fanseven

Promote one of the most exciting new adult platform and secure lifelong sales commissions in an industry with extremely high customer loyalty without any risks of cancellations.

Permanent earnings with fanseven

Is it worth promoting fanseven?

Interaction, proximity and authenticity are the three main values that define fanseven. At the same time, they are the reason for the high level of customer loyalty and the higher average purchase value, since our users can always look forward to new content and communication with their favorite star. Everything combined leads to extremely high conversion rates.

As a partner of fanseven you benefit over the entire lifetime of a recruited user and earn money from each of purchase he or she makes. Fanseven is a young portal with a relatively small user base - so the probability is high that a user you referred is not yet an existing customer and can be assigned to you.

Your benefits

Cancellation free

As soon as your referred user makes a purchase you will receive your comission. And we'll never take it back. Guaranteed!

30%+ lifetime comission

You receive a 30% sales comission for every purchase your referred user makes over the entire lifetime of a user. No discussion no caveats. For partners your recruited partners you receive 5% of their share on top!

Quick support

If you have any questions, ideas or feature requests we are here. You can reach us very easily via email, Telegram or Skype

Punctual payments

We pay out on the the 15th day of the month. You'll receive a clean, written receipt at the same time in your inbox. For german partners we pay out value added tax if applicable. Reverse charge applies to any foreign partners.

Optimized checkouts

All our checkouts are designed to be as hazzlefree as possible. We work tirelessly to make it even easier for the customer to convert. You benefit of a happy customer and high conversion rates.

Early adopter perk

The early bird catches the worm! Fanseven is a young project. You benefit of the high propability that a referred user is a new user whose purchases can be assigned to you.

Lets go!

Fill out the registration and start making money as a fanseven partner. You have already registered? Then login here.

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